PDF position with the Canadian Penning Trap collaboration

Postdoctoral Position in Experimental Nuclear Physics with the Canadian Penning Trap Collaboration

The Canadian Penning Trap (CPT) Collaboration has an opening for a postdoctoral appointment in Experimental Nuclear Physics. The project is a collaborative effort with participants from McGill University, the University of Manitoba, the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and other institutions. The Canadian contingent of the collaboration (McGill and Manitoba) is seeking candidates who will work at the ATLAS facility of the Argonne National Laboratory. The CPT Mass Spectrometer, coupled to the newly installed CARIBU source for neutron-rich nuclei at the ATLAS facility, is used to carry out mass measurements of astrophysical interest. Parallel systems of open geometry Paul traps are also being used to study α − β −ν angular correlations in beta-decay for tests of the standard model and to investigate beta-delayed neutron emission from neutron-rich nuclei. For more details please go to http://www.physics.umanitoba.ca/subatomic and navigate to K. Sharma’s entry.

We welcome applications from highly motivated candidates with a PhD in experimental nuclear or particle physics, or who are expecting a PhD before starting the position. Applicants should submit with their application letter: curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a brief statement of research interests and, the names of three referees from whom letters of recommendation may be solicited.

Applications will be considered starting on October 1st, 2013 and the competition will remain open till the position is filled.
Please direct your correspondence to Professor Kumar S. Sharma (sharma@physics.umanitoba.ca), Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of
Manitoba, Winnipeg MB, Canada R3T 2N2.