Scientific Working Groups

The CINP bylaws allow for the creation of Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) to assist with the organization of the Institutes scientific program.

Working Group Chair Institution Contact
Nuclear Structure Adam Garnsworthy TRIUMF
Nuclear Astrophysics Iris Dillmann TRIUMF
Fundamental Symmetries Gerald Gwinner University of Manitoba
Hadronic Physics/QCD Svetlana Barkanova Memorial University
Nuclear Theory Alexandros Gezerlis University of Guelph
Nuclear Physics Education and Training Juliette Mammei University of Manitoba

SWGs can be formed by the Board of Directors as deemed appropriate. Individual Members may also petition the Board for the formation of a SWG. The role and activity level of a SWG will be ultimately determined by its members, but could include:

  • Holding topical workshops or other initiatives.
  • Providing input to CINP external scientific briefs:
    • NSERC Large Projects Day
    • Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan
  • Encouraging new collaborative efforts.

The intent is for the scientific activities of the CINP to be ambitious and broad-based. ALL Individual Members are eligible for membership in one or more SWGs. Membership in a SWG is deliberately NOT exclusive. You DO NOT need to be affiliated with an Institutional Member to join.