• Hall C @ Jefferson Lab
  • P2 experiment at Mainz
  • GlueX LED pulser system
  • BGO array at ISAC-1
  • Super Nova Nucleosynthesis

The Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics is a formal organization of the Canadian nuclear physics research community to promote excellence in nuclear research and education, and to advocate the interests and goals of the community both domestically and abroad.

Upcoming Deadlines for CINP Support Programs

Follow the links below for more information and application forms.

2021-Mar-01: Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS)
The 2021 Undergraduate Research Scholarships program enables gifted undergraduates to work with a supervisor on nuclear physics research this summer.  A total of six awards are available.

2021-Mar-29: CINP Graduate Fellowship (GF)
The CINP Graduate Fellowship program supports excellence in graduate nuclear physics research. One 1-year $12,000 fellowship is available.

Anytime: Junior Scientist Travel Support Program (JSci)
The JSci program allows graduate students and PDFs to broaden their research horizon and become more mature scientists. Applications must be submitted at least 2 months (preferably even earlier) before the expected date of travel.

Anytime: Conference Support
The CINP regularly provides support towards Conferences, and Workshops. Applications should be submitted as early as possible in the conference organization process, and at least four months before the start of the event.

CINP Long Range Plan White Paper
The 2022 -- 2036 Horizon for Nuclear Physics in Canada "From the Core of Matter to the Fuel of Stars"

2020-Dec-01:  The CINP White Paper Committee has completed its work and the final version has been released to the Canadian Subatomic Physics Long Range Planning Committee.  The report is publicly available for your download from: https://cinp.ca/subatomic-physics-long-range-plan

Thank you to everyone who provided the considerable assistance and support which were vital to the preparation of this document.

The CINP White Paper Committee

Garth Huber               huberg@uregina.ca                         (Chair)
Svetlana Barkanova  sbarkanova@grenfell.mun.ca       (QCD/Hadrons)
Iris Dillmann             dillmann@triumf.ca                       (Nuclear Astrophysics)
Adam Garnsworthy  garns@triumf.ca                               (Nuclear Structure)
Gerald Gwinner        gerald.gwinner@umanitoba.ca      (Fundamental Symmetries)
Juliette Mammei      jmammei@physics.umanitoba.ca (Education & Training)