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The Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics is a formal organization of the Canadian nuclear physics research community to promote excellence in nuclear research and education, and to advocate the interests and goals of the community both domestically and abroad.

CINP Input to Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan

As was recently announced, the activities to form the next Canadian Subatomic Physics Long-Range Plan (LRP) are commencing.  It will cover the period extending from 2022 through 2036 and will be in effect from 2022 to 2026.

The LRP process will be driven by the Canadian subatomic physics community.  NSERC has worked closely with CINP and IPP to develop the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the LRP Committee (LRPC) and will support the recruitment of members of the committee.  Once the committee is in place, NSERC will take a step back and allow the LRPC to drive the process.

The ToR charges the Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics (CINP) to lead broad consultations within the Canadian nuclear physics research community and to present a Nuclear Physics Brief to the LRPC by October 2020.  The CINP Brief Committee consists of the five Scientific Working Group Chairs plus the CINP Executive Director.

This email is a request for input from you or your research group at the CINP Town Hall meeting.  We were originally planning to hold the meeting in conjunction with the CAP Congress, but given its cancellation, the meeting will instead be held remotely using Zoom. At present, the Town Hall meeting is planned to be spread over two days, sometime in the week of June 8-12, with the final dates to be announced after we have more information on CAP's virtual meeting intentions during this week.  We will try very hard to allow as broad representation from the Canadian nuclear physics research community as possible, such as avoiding times that would be too early/late for west/east coast participants.

Briefs are welcome from any group or individual whose research activities fall within nuclear physics (according to international funding guidelines) are welcome (e.g. hadrons/QCD, nuclear astrophysics, nuclear structure, and fundamental symmetry tests at low or intermediate energies). You do NOT need to be a member of the CINP to submit a brief.  However, to submit a brief it is required that you are (or shortly will be) eligible to hold an NSERC Subatomic Physics research grant.  If you are planning to submit a brief, please contact the CINP Executive Director, Garth Huber (huberg@uregina.ca) as soon as possible, and definitely no later than Sunday, May 10.  Your notification should include the project title, the contact person, and the list of Canadian co-investigators covered by the brief.

The committee requires a draft copy of your written brief no later than Friday, May 22, so that it can prepare summary overviews of the received information by physics category to generate discussion, and to prepare questions.  A final version of your written brief, reflecting the comments and discussion at the Town Hall meeting, is due no later than Friday, June 26.

To guide your written brief, we have prepared a LaTeX template and spreadsheet.  Only briefs using the template will be accepted.  They are available from: https://cinp.ca/subatomic-physics-long-range-plan

Once the CINP Brief Committee has completed its deliberations, we will circulate an advanced draft of the Nuclear Physics Brief for community comment prior to submission to the LRPC.  We expect this to be approximately September 1, after we have had time to coalesce the community input into a coherent document.

The CINP Brief Committee

Garth Huber        huberg@uregina.ca            (Chair)
Svetlana Barkanova sbarkanova@grenfell.mun.ca   (QCD/Hadrons)
Iris Dillmann      dillmann@triumf.ca           (Nuclear Astrophysics)
Adam Garnsworthy   garns@triumf.ca              (Nuclear Structure)
Gerald Gwinner     gerald.gwinner@umanitoba.ca  (Fundamental Symmetries)