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The Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics is a formal organization of the Canadian nuclear physics research community to promote excellence in nuclear research and education, and to advocate the interests and goals of the community both domestically and abroad.

CINP Input to Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan

As was recently announced, the activities to form the next Canadian Subatomic Physics Long-Range Plan (LRP) are commencing.  It will cover the period extending from 2022 through 2036 and will be in effect from 2022 to 2026.  The ToR charges the Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics (CINP) to lead broad consultations within the Canadian nuclear physics research community and to present a Nuclear Physics Brief to the LRPC by December 1, 2020.  The CINP White Paper Committee consists of the five Scientific Working Group Chairs plus the CINP Executive Director.

The SECOND CINP TOWN HALL MEETING, to further discuss the CINP White Paper, will be held via Zoom on Monday, Oct 26 from 12:00-14:30 Eastern/09:00-11:30 Pacific.  Please set aside this time in your calendar, if possible.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send us your question or concern, which we will read at the Town Hall meeting for discussion.

We intend for the discussions to be relatively general in nature, particularly on Recommendations, Budgets, HQP Training and EDI.  The first ~90 minutes of the meeting will be a Plenary Session and Discussion.  The second part of the meeting will be short Breakout Sessions for each SWG and Theory (in series), where people can come and go as desired.  As before, your detailed comments on specific sections are best submitted to us by email.

The detailed agenda and connection instructions were distributed October 20, along with an updated version of the CINP LRP White Paper.  Please contact Garth Huber (email below) for more information.

The CINP White Paper Committee

Garth Huber              huberg@uregina.ca                     (Chair)
Svetlana Barkanova  sbarkanova@grenfell.mun.ca     (QCD/Hadrons)
Iris Dillmann             dillmann@triumf.ca                    (Nuclear Astrophysics)
Adam Garnsworthy  garns@triumf.ca                           (Nuclear Structure)
Gerald Gwinner        gerald.gwinner@umanitoba.ca  (Fundamental Symmetries)
Juliette Mammei      jmammei@physics.umanitoba.ca (Education & Training)