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Training in Nuclear Physics

Nuclear physicists are explorers of the "inner space" frontier. By participating in a fundamental research project which is technically demanding and contextually fascinating, students have the opportunity to broaden their experience and hone their skills in preparation for the transition to the workforce.

An education in Nuclear Physics prepares you for a wide variety of fields. These smaller scale experiments give graduate students the opportunity to gain experience with all aspects of the project, including the design, simulation, hardware development, measurement and data analysis. Students often get to participate in nearly every stage of the project, from conception to final results, and often take on leadership roles within the collaboration. In the process of building and running new facilities, designing and performing experiments and interpreting data, future scientists and engineers receive the training necessary to generate new ideas. This approach also cultivates valuable leadership skills.

Equity · Diversity · Inclusion

The CINP is committed to ensuring equitable access to its resources and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in the nuclear physics community in Canada, recognizing that this will contribute to more robust research and education outcomes.

EDI Training Opportunities

In support of the CINP efforts to improve equity, diversity and inclusion, EDI training opportunities will be posted on this page when they become available.

Juliette Mammei, 2021