Subatomic Physics Major Resources Support Facilities

Various resources that support Canadian subatomic physics experimental efforts are available to the community through the NSERC Subatomic Physics Major Resources Support (MRS) Program. Applications for use of the facilities should be directed to those operating the facilities as described below.

CPP+ Major Resources Support Centre

Based at the University of Alberta, the CPP+ MRS Centre is available to provide help with NSERC funded projects. Full details of the nature of available support is available on the CPP+ Major Resources Support Centre website and includes CPP+ MRS Experts as well as other facilities. Potential users who are members of the Canadian subatomic physics community are encouraged to apply to the CPP+ Operating Committee by filling in an CPP+ online application form, available at the website:

Carleton/Victoria/Winnipeg Major Resources Support Facilities

The Carleton, Victoria and Winnipeg SAP-MRS technical teams are available to support subatomic physics related detector development work. The resources include engineering design, hardware fabrication and installation, and data acquisition/simulation expertise. Access to the resources can be requested by contacting Prioritization Board representatives, Kevin Graham (Carleton), Dean Karlen (Victoria), Blair Jamieson (Winnipeg) Detailed information describing the capabilities of the groups is available at the websites: