Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan

Updated 2022-Mar-30:

Dear Subatomic Physics Community Members,

We are writing to you to present the public release of the 2022-2026 Long-Range Plan Report. Typeset versions of the Report, and a shorter Overview document, are now available in English and French.

We would like to express our thanks to all our colleagues on the Long-Range Plan Committee (Eckhard Elsen, Chris Jillings, Rituparna Kanungo, Bob Laxdal, Augusto Macchiavelli, Juliette Mammei, Jeff Martin, Niki Saoulidou, Kate Scholberg, and Alex Wright), and the ex-officio members (Cliff Burgess, Emily Diepenveen, Jens Dilling, Olivier Gagnon, Thomas Gregoire, Jeter Hall, Garth Huber, Kevin Lapointe, Alison Lister, Tony Noble, J. Micheal Roney, and Nigel Smith), for all their efforts and for sharing their expertise so collegially over the past 18 months. We would also like to thank Emrys Miller of Rocketday Arts for extensive website development and typesetting of the final documents.

Finally, on behalf of the LRP Committee, thank you to all members of the community for your engagement throughout this planning exercise. We hope that this report represents a clear reflection of the community's achievements, goals and priorities, and will prove valuable for the community moving forward.

Best regards,

Adam Ritz (UVic)
Brigitte Vachon (McGill)
Co-chairs, Long-Range Plan Committee