Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan

Updated 2020-Dec-01:

The CINP White Paper Committee has completed its work, and the final version has been released to the Canadian Subatomic Physics Long Rang Planning Committee.  We would like to thank everyone who provided the constructive criticism which we hope has further strengthened the document.

A PDF version of the report is available below in two resolutions, 600dpi=15MB, 300dpi=8.0MB

Below are also copies of previous LRPs and CINP Long Range Plan Reports.

Thank you again to everyone who provided the considerable assistance and support which were vital to the preparation of this document.

The CINP White Paper Committee

Garth Huber                         (Chair)
Svetlana Barkanova     (QCD/Hadrons)
Iris Dillmann                       (Nuclear Astrophysics)
Adam Garnsworthy                           (Nuclear Structure)
Gerald Gwinner  (Fundamental Symmetries)
Juliette Mammei (Education & Training)