JLab Hall B PDF position

Hall B at Jefferson Lab has an opening for a Postdoctoral Associate with significant expertise in electromagnetic nuclear or particle physics. As part of the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV upgrade, the Hall-B CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS) was replaced with an two new superconducting magnets and an upgraded detector and readout system CLAS12. This new spectrometer is capable of running electron scattering experiments using beams with energies up to 12 GeV, at high luminosity and is designed to measure multi-particle final states to support a broad scientific program in nuclear and hadron physics. The CLAS12 system has been commissioned with beam and took first production data using a 10.65 GeV electron beam and a liquid hydrogen target. Hall-B also houses the Heavy Photon Search experiment (HPS) that searches for a dark force carrier. After successful engineering runs, HPS expects to have its first full physics run in 2019.

The postdoctoral fellow will work along side the staff scientists in the preparation and execution of experiments using CLAS12 and the HPS detectors, take part in the detector calibration and the physics analysis. It is expected that the successful candidate will play a major role in the development and maintenance of the Hall-B slow controls, the on-line and off-line monitoring, data calibration tools, and participate in the development of offline reconstruction software.
Hall B offers wide opportunities for physics analysis of data taken with CLAS12 during and the preparation of new experiments. These involve studies of 3D quark imaging with generalized parton distributions (GPDs) and transverse momentum dependent parton distributions (TMDs), as well as the search for gluonic excitations of mesons and baryons, and of exotic hadrons. The candidate is expected to lend general support to the joint efforts of the CLAS collaboration and its new detector systems.

The position will be available from August 2018, initially for a 2 year term, with the possibility for an extension of up to 1 more year, contingent upon mutual agreement and the availability of funds.

2 Year Term Position
Salary Range: $54,800 - $82,000 (Post Doctoral Fellow)

Minimum requirements:

A PhD in electromagnetic nuclear or particle physics or an equivalent combination of education and specific training. Experience with the operation and the analysis of large spectrometer experiments is required. Therefore, software experience is important, a good knowledge of C++ and Java programming is a plus.