Board of Directors

The affairs of the Institute are managed by a Board of Directors, which is selected by the Institutional Members in a staggered manner to provide continuity. Please feel free to contact any Board Member if you need any information about the Institute.

Member Institution Email Term Expires Office
Michael Gericke University of Manitoba mgericke [at] physics.umanitoba[dot]ca 2023  
Gwen Grinyer University of Regina gwen.grinyer [at] uregina[dot]ca 2021  
Sangyong Jeon McGill University jeon [at] physics.mcgill[dot]ca 2022 Secretary
Rituparna Kanungo Saint Mary's University ritu [at] triumf[dot]ca 2022 President
Jeff Martin University of Winnipeg j.martin [at] uwinnipeg[dot]ca 2023 Vice-President
Chris Ruiz TRIUMF ruiz [at] triumf[dot]ca 2021  

The Board has appointed a Treasurer:

Greg Hackman TRIUMF hackman [at] triumf[dot]ca 2025 Treasurer