Indiana University PDF positions

The Indiana University Experimental Nuclear Physics group is looking to
hire multiple postdocs across our research programs.  Postdocs may split
their time between multiple projects, based on interest and project need.
Focus efforts for this search include parity-violating electron scattering
with MOLLER at JLab in Hall A, the BL3 neutron lifetime experiment,
COHERENT elastic neutrino nucleus scattering experiment, LEGEND
neutrinoless double beta decay experiment, and Project 8 neutrino mass
experiment, as well as spin physics at STAR and Belle II, neutron decay
and interferometry, and searches for exotic spin-dependent interactions.

All applications will be submitted through a common IU portal Specific Inspire postings
with envisioned position scopes are,, and  although candidates are encouraged to
reach out to discuss different effort distributions.

Questions may be directed to PI’s: Walter Pettus <>,
Mike Snow <>, or Rex Tayloe <>.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with the search
remaining open until all positions filled.