Institutional Member Delegates

Each Institutional Member shall appoint one or more Delegates as its authorized representative(s) to vote on its behalf, in elections of the Board of Directors, and other matters of relevance. The appointment is to be in writing, signed by the Institutional Member's duly authorized official, and filed with the CINP Secretary. If an Institutional Member appoints more than one Delegate, it shall designate the number of votes to be exercised by each person. The list of officially registered Institutional Delegates is below.

Institution Delegate % of Votes
Memorial University of Newfoundland Svetlana Barkanova 100%
Saint Mary's University Adam Sarty 100%
Mount Allison University David Hornidge 100%
McGill University Charles Gale 100%
University of Guelph Paul Garrett 100%
University of Winnipeg Russell Mammei 100%
University of Manitoba Gerald Gwinner 100%
University of Regina Zisis Papandreou 100%
University of Northern British Columbia Elie Korkmaz 100%
Simon Fraser University Corina Andreiou 100%
TRIUMF Chris Ruiz 100%