Membership Forms

See attached letter below for information on joining the CINP-ICPN.

Why do we need all this information?

You may note that the information asked for on the CINP Membership form could appear to be more than you might have expected, and thus cause you some hesitation to complete the application. We encourage you to read our rationale behind this (see attachment), and to continue and submit your application.

(Also note that you do not necessarily need to use the Microsoft Word version of the forms; if it is easier for you to turn this into PDF and use that, or to simply email a text file containing answers to all of the questions on the form, this is perfectly acceptable).

We hope that this will not be onerous at all (since we are generally required to keep publications lists for our CV's as part of our employment); this extra information provides a level of "professional weight" to our Institute that we could otherwise not claim.

Updated Memberships forms are now available below.

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