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One of the medium energy physics groups in the Department of Physics, School of Science in Hampton University invites applications for a full-time Post-Doctoral Fellow position in support the group’s efforts in the field of hypernuclear physics, funded by DOE grant. The primary project will be the next group of hypernuclear experiments to be carried out in Hall C at JLab (although not yet scheduled). Currently these experiments are E12-15-008 (study the isospin-dependence of the three-body LambdaNN interaction), E12-19-002 (investigate the charge symmetry breaking by measuring the ground state of Lambda-Hydrogen-3 and the first excited state of Lambda-Hydrogen-4 hypernuclei), and E12-20-013 (study Lambda interactions in heavy nuclear matter with the 208Pb target and produce mass spectroscopy of Lambda-Tl-208 hypernucleus).  The group also collaborates in selected hypernuclear experiments at MAMI in Germany and J-PARC in Japan, as well as participate in and provides support to other ongoing nuclear physics experiments in Hall A and C at JLab. For JLab hypernuclear experiments, the group is heavily involved in the preparation and operation of all the needed detector systems (such as wire chambers and Cherenkov detectors) and in the data analysis (in particularly the absolute missing mass calibration and optimization of the angular and momentum reconstruction matrices for the electron and kaon spectrometers). These JLab hypernuclear experiments use custom designed and built spectrometers, PCS Septum magnets, HES spectrometer (the electron arm), and HKS spectrometer (the kaon arm). The group has played and will continue to play key role to the hypernuclear program at JLab. 

The position is open on January 2023 and the term is fixable up to three years.

Founded in 1868, Hampton University is a leading historically black university (HBCU) located on the Virginia Peninsula, in the City of Hampton.  It is a privately endowed, co-educational, non-sectarian institution of higher learning with accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. 

The Department of Physics offers the Bachelor of Science in Physics, and Master of Science and Ph.D. in Physics. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. The successful candidate will be a fulltime staff at Hampton University but stationed at JLab.  
  2. He/she will work in assistance to the hypernuclear experiments, primarily the approved JLab experiments. These experiments were originally approved for Hall A using one of the existing HRS spectrometer being the electron arm. Due to beam time constrain, the program is now officially moved to Hall C.  The previously used HES spectrometer for the electrons will be used but modified into vertical banding.  Significant amount of redesign, magnet modification, and construction of new supports are needed.  Collaboration is working closely with JLab to establish this program in Hall C and works toward to have an Experiment Readiness Review within about 1.5 years. The candidate is expected to work on preparation of all the needed detectors that are already on-site, especially the recommissioning the existing four sets of wire chambers. He/she will learn about these experiments (physics and technique) and work on any needed task that he/she can contribute. At this stage, these tasks may need only partial his/her working time. 
  3. The candidate can spend up to 50% his/her time to participate in other Hall A or C experiments to broaden his/her physics vision and interests for professional career development as well as for fulfilling our group’s commitment in supporting the JLab physics productivity beyond the primary project scope on hypernuclear physics. 


*   A Ph.D. (or equivalent foreign degree) in experimental nuclear, particle, or high-energy physics (or closely related field), completed before the anticipated start date of the position. 

*   Reasonably good knowledge in C++ programming and standard software tools and libraries used in particle and nuclear physics (CERN’s ROOT and GEANT4).

*   Good hardware knowledge and skills are needed.  Work experiences on JLab experiment(s) would be preferred but not must.

Terms and Conditions of Employment 

Employment at Hampton University is contingent upon the successful candidate’s compliance with 

the University’s mandatory workforce COVID-19 vaccination policy.  All workforce members are required to have or obtain a Covid-19 vaccination as a term and condition of employment at HU, unless an exemption or deferral has been approved.

Employment of the successful candidate is contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment criminal background check.

To Apply 

Interested candidate should submit a cover letter, vita, a research statement, Hampton University Application for Employment for Faculty, and three (3) letters of recommendation electronically to Dr. Liguang Tang (liguang.tang@hamptonu.edu).