Post Doc opening at Ohio State University

The Department of Physics within the College of Arts and Sciences, seeks Post Doctoral Scholars to perform independent research in experimental nuclear physics.  The relativistic heavy ion group has leading positions in the Solenoidal Tracker (STAR) physics programs at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and is actively participating in the design and realization of the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) physics program as part of the electron/proton/Ion Collider (EPIC) collaboration.

Post Doctoral Scholars are expected to lead physics analyses critical to STAR's physics program and to take initiative in contributing to the design of the EPIC experiment and the time of flight (TOF)-capable tracking sub-systems.  Duties will include taking and analyzing data with the STAR experiment, presenting physics results at conferences/workshops,writing manuscripts to publish results in peer-reviewed journals, contributing to the EIC physics program and the optimization of the EPIC detector design through Monte Carlo simulation, setting up electronics laboratory equipment for hardware detector research and development (R&D), mentoring students and supporting the group activities through collaborative service work.


Doctoral Degree in Physics with specialization in high energy nuclear physics,  particle physics, or related area required .  Demonstrated experience in data analysis required.  Research interest in global hyperon polarization, correlations and fluctuations, spin-induced phenomena and/or photon mediated processes is desired.  Skill related to the analysis of large-scale datasets (e.g. many Tb), knowledge of MC generators and detector simulations and strong software skills in e.g. c++ and python for scientific computing highly desired.

Additional Information:

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The positions are expected to begin in early spring 2023.

The target hiring range is $48,000-$60,000