Staff position in Nuclear Theory, Argonne National Laboratory

The Physics Division Theory Group at Argonne National Laboratory is now seeking candidates for a staff position in nuclear theory. Details about the position can be found by following the link on the Theory Group web page:

where applications received by 23 December 2022 will receive our fullest consideration.

We are seeking a diverse slate of candidates from any field in nuclear theory and particularly those candidates with a research program that has an overlap with existing and planned facilities, such as, ATLAS/FRIB, LANSCE, Jefferson Lab, and the Electron-Ion Collider.

If you have any questions regarding the position please contact Ian Cloët <> or any member of the search committee listed below.

All the best,
Search Committee:

Jason Clark
Ian Cloët (Chair)
Alessandro Lovato
Benjamin Kay
Libby McCutchan
Yong Zhao
Maria Zurek