White Paper on the Context of Research in Canada

The CINP and IPP were asked by NSERC to prepare a joint document on "the context of Canadian subatomic physics research" for distribution to the Subatomic Physics Evaluation Section (SAPES) shortly before their 2014 fall policy meeting, with the opportunity for the committee to ask questions on it. This was in response to our request to reinstate the discontinued SAPES fall site visits, given their value to both international and domestic members of the committee in understanding the Canadian research context and environment.

Like the discontinued site visits, the White Paper below does not form part of the valuation of any particular grant application. Rather, it is to provide SAPES members with a picture of the subatomic research work across Canada, and the differences in how research may performed in Canada compared to what international members of SAPES are familiar with in their own countries. The document is based on information received directly from researchers at the responding institutions, so we believe it is accurate. However, we are aware that some SAPES-funded researchers have not been included, and there may also be some inconsistencies in how the information is presented from institution to institution. In both cases, we are interested in receiving your specific suggestions for improvements for the next revision.