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The Theory Department at TRIUMF has a postdoctoral position available in nuclear theory starting in the fall of 2015. More information can be found at

of behalf of Petr Navratil,
Magda Kowalska

An 18 month PDRA position is available at the University of Edinburgh starting in early 2015. The main role would be the development and construction of a detector for use at a laser-plasma accelerator. The post would also allow around 50% of time for work at JLAB, MAMI, or other nuclear/hadron physics facilities. Candidates should hold a Ph.D in nuclear physics or a related discipline. Experience in Geant4 simulation is an advantage.

The full job description can be accessed in the link below

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The INFN just opened the admission to 12 post-doctoral fellowships for non-Italian citizens, or Italian citizens abroad since at least three years.
One of these fellowships is entitled ''Phenomenology of Hadron Physics'' and it will be held by the Hadronic Physics group in Genova.
It is initially granted for one year and can be extended to a second year. The annual gross salary is 40 kEuro.
You can find more details at

Please see the attached PDF giving more information

Tenure Track Faculty Position in Experimental Subatomic Physics Colorado School of Mines

The National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) at Michigan State University (MSU) is accepting applications for immediate review for a beam physicist position within the Operations Department. The successful candidate will be responsible for: planning, production, identification, and delivery of beams of rare isotopes to experiments set up by facility users; the operation of facility-supported experimental devices; the use, maintenance, and development of nuclear particle detectors; and maintenance and development of data analysis and data acquisition tools.

Every third year, prior to the IUPAP General Assembly, IUPAP WG.9, as are the other Working Groups, is required to submit a report on its activities during the past three year period. Please find hereby attached the report submitted to IUPAP.

Also, please find hereby attached the minutes of the meeting of IUPAP WG.9 at GSI in July this year. The workings of IUPAP WG.9 have an increasing impact on nuclear science worldwide.

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See attached PDF below.

Post-doctoral Research Associate, Experimental Atomic- Molecular and Optical Physics, working on Laser Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy and the further development of our ion guide laser ion source at TRIUMF - Canada’s National Laboratory for Nuclear and Particle Physics. (Competition 439)

Details can be found under

Dear Colleagues,

We organize an International Workshop "Nuclear Fission and Exotic Nuclei" on 3rd -5th December 2014 at Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tokai, Japan. The meeting will mainly be devoted to new experimental and theoretical achievements in fission, super-heavy nuclei, complete fusion and transfer reactions with heavy nuclei, and structure of exotic nuclei.

The web-page for the Workshop is here: