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The ORNL group is very pleased to announce the opening of new postdoctoral research associate position in high energy nuclear physics research. We encourage applicants to apply soon. For further details and to apply, please see the following link:

We are happy to consider excellent candidates from any background in nuclear / particle physics.

Our scope of activities is quite broad and there are no hard restrictions on what the new postdocs will work on, including:

   - JLab 12GeV experiments [bulk of the program],

The Physics Department at Indiana University Bloomington invites applications for a postdoctoral position with its experimental hadronic physics group (  The research activities of the group focus on hadron spectroscopy with an emphasis on the search for and study of nonconventional mesons using the GlueX and BESIII experiments.  The group seeks a postdoctoral research associate to contribute to its strong participation in the GlueX experiment.  The successful candidate will be expected to take a leading role in the search for hybrid mesons using the recently co

With the current need for social distancing, student research has primarily been shifted to computer-oriented projects. To aid in this transition, a student orientation has been organized to provide the students with the skills they require to start their research projects. This training is specifically oriented towards undergraduate and graduate students within subatomic physics and will include field-specific tools such as ROOT and GEANT. The lectures will be delivered using ZOOM.

Please find attached an announcement for an open postdoc position at ORNL on the Nab experiment.  Please direct inquiries to me or to Lauren Johnson,


Please see the attached PDF for details