The experimental nuclear physics group at Iowa State University invites applications for a post-doctoral position to work on the sPHENIX experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. The successful applicant will be expected to take a leadership role in the sPHENIX Topical Working Groups to develop the sPHENIX physics program, with an emphasis on jets, jet structure and heavy flavor measurements.

he Department of Physics at the University of Virginia invites applicants for a post-doctoral Research Associate position to work on the installation and running of the Super BigBite (SBS) project experiments and on the preparations for the proposed SoLID project at the Jefferson Lab.

A research assistant position is available in the University of York hadron physics group ( , working on an interdisciplinary project. The main task is to support programmes utilising electronuclear scattering data from Jefferson Lab to constrain the modelling of neutrino-nucleus reaction processes for next generation facilities (e.g. DUNE at FermiLab). The post is for 1 year in the first instance with possible extension dependent on future funding. The post would start as early as 01/10/19.

The Hadronic Nuclear Physics Group at Florida State University invites applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher to work on the GlueX experiment at Jefferson Lab. The group has a long involvement with experiments at Jefferson Lab including CLAS in Hall B and GlueX in Hall D, and has a wide range of interests in hadronic physics, with a particular interest in the search for hybrid and other unconventional mesons as well as excited baryons.

EIC postdoc position open at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Please see job description in the following link,

We encourage good candidates to apply for this position online. If you have some issues, please contact me at

Xuan Li

The regional government of Madrid in Spain will be offering soon postdoc positions within the so called Attraction of Talent program, aimed at hiring experienced researchers working abroad. We would like to circulate this message to people interested in these 4 yr postdocs. In previous years, the candidates were divided in junior (with at most 2 years of postdoc experience) and senior. Previous calls can be found here (the text is only in Spanish)

Job description:
The Physics Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory has an opening for an Assistant Physicist to participate in EIC related efforts.

We have an opening for the Divisional Fellow position in the RNC group in Nuclear Science Division in LBNL. The ad is attached. As you see we expect our new Divisional Fellow to bring new direction to our program, as well.

Grazyna Odyniec

The Polarized Target Group (Profs. Long and Slifer) at the University of New Hampshire invites applications for an experimental postdoctoral Research Associate. Our group's activities focus on the Spin Physics program at Jefferson Lab and other accelerators. We operate a Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Lab with full capabilities to produce and polarize the solid targets needed for this program.

Please find the attached ad for a 2-year postdoctoral position in experimental nuclear physics and spectroscopy at the University of Regina. I would appreciate it if you could forward this to potentially interested candidates.

Dr. Gwen Grinyer
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
University of Regina
3737 Wascana Parkway
Regina, SK S4S 0A2
Tel: (306)-337-2990