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Greg Hackman
On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Positions Open: ISOL Group, RISP, Korea

The Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP) was established in December 2011 at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in Korea to carry out the construction of the accelerator complex, RAON, for rare isotope science. The goal of the accelerator complex is to produce a wide variety of stable and rare isotope beams to be used
for research in basic science and various applications.

The Faculty of Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (JGU) and the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence invite applications for an appointment at the level of a University Professor (m/f) for theoretical hadron physics in the field of nucleon structure analysis (salary class W 2; LBesG) starting from winter semester 2014/15 and limited for six years. Following the temporary employment, a permanent faculty appointment is possible.

SNOLAB is hosting the TRi-Institute School on Elementary Particles this year, TRISEP, hosted alternately by TRIUMF, SNOLAB and the Perimeter Institute, will be in Sudbury between June 2 and June 13.

Topics include electroweak theory and the Higgs, neutrino physics, double beta decay, direct detection of dark matter, Monte-Carlo simulation, cosmology and astrophysical motivation for dark matter. We have an excellent set of speakers and and the preliminary program is online.

Research Scientist
Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

The Nuclear and Particle Physics Group at the University of New Hampshire has an immediate opening for a post-doctoral research associate, who will be expected to take a leading role in the Heavy Photon Search (HPS) experiment at Jefferson Lab Hall B.

Applicants should send a resume (CV) and a summary of relevant research experience, and arrange for 3 letters of recommendation to be send, to

Please see the attached PDF file for more information.

Postdoc - ALPHA at CERN

(TRIUMF Competition # 423)

For information please see the poster attached below.

Yesterday's Federal Budget contained some positive news for the Canadian nuclear physics research community.

NSERC has received an increase of $15 million for the flagship Discovery Grant programs. There is also an increase in funding for the Industrial Postdoctoral programs, and some tweaking of how Indirect Costs of Research will be handled. It will probably take some time for NSERC to decide how to allocate the new Discovery Grant funds across the disciplines, so we do not know how this will affect the Subatomic Physics Envelope.

The Saclay laboratory of Nuclear Physics of the CEA IRFU, Institute of Research on the Fundamental laws of the Universe, has an opening for a Post-doctoral position in experimental hadronic physics.

The contract will have a duration of two years. The candidate will join the research activities of the Saclay team in the COMPASS experiment at CERN, taking part in the ongoing projects.